2012: Shriram Krishnamurthi

The SIGPLAN 2012 Robin Milner Young Researcher Award goes to Shriram Krishnamurthi, a prolific researcher who brings programming language theory to bear in many other disciplines, thus exposing its foundational value. His research contributions range from type soundness proofs for Java and influential extensions thereof, through foundational aspects of web programming, to model-driven development and empirical studies.

The most important aspects of Krishnamurthi’s research are

  • that it cuts across multiple disciplines, including education, software engineering, formal methods and security, but always building on the firm ground of programming language theory;
  • its orientation towards practicality and applicability to standard platforms: programming systems for teaching, reactive web programming, executable JavaScript semantics, and analysis techniques for security policies;
  • that it has resulted not only in publications, but also in practical systems that are used in academia and industry; and
  • the clarity of its exposition and presentation.

Shriram is also an influential educator, reaching out beyond the university to infect school kids with algebraic thinking.

In summary, Shriram is an extraordinarily broad researcher, making sustained contributions in important and exciting areas, with a commitment to education that is ensuring that his ideas have even broader impact.