2010: Chris Lattner - LLVM

Chris Lattner receives the SIGPLAN Software Award as the author of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, which has had a dramatic impact on our field. LLVM is being used extensively in both products and research, for traditional and non-traditional compiler problems, and for a diverse set of languages. LLVM has had a significant influence on academic research, not just in compilers but also in other areas, such as FPGA design tool. Many researchers cite the "elegance of LLVM's design" as one of the reasons for using LLVM. LLVM has also had an impact on industrial projects and products; it is used at major companies including Apple and Google. For example, LLVM is an integral part of Apple's software stack in Mac OS X. Furthermore, as with academic research, LLVM is finding its way into unexpected applications of compiler technology. In summary, LLVM has had an incredible impact on both industry and academia and its elegance has enabled it to be used for a wide range of applications.