2012: Jikes Research Virtual Machine (RVM)

The SIGPLAN Software Award for 2012 goes to the Jikes Research Virtual Machine (RVM), an open-source virtual computer implemented in the Java programming language, and capable of running programs written in Java and many other languages that compile to JVM bytecodes.

The award nomination names 32 contributors to the Jikes RVM project, but the project actually has more than double that number of contributors. Jikes RVM was the first Java-in-Java virtual machine and contains many innovations, especially on adaptive optimization and memory management.

The high quality and modular design of Jikes has made it easy for researchers to develop, share, and compare advances in programming language implementation. The Jikes RVM core team has nurtured and supported a large community of researchers; this is witnessed by more than 200 papers, at least 40 dissertations, close to 25 courses, and research at almost 100 universities, that are based on the Jikes RVM.

The nominated contributors are:

  • Bowen Alpern
  • Matthew Arnold
  • Clement Attanasio
  • John Barton
  • Steve Blackburn
  • Maria Butrico
  • Perry Cheng
  • Tony Cocchi
  • Julian Dolby
  • Peter Donald
  • Steven Fink
  • Daniel Frampton
  • Robin Garner
  • David Grove
  • Michael Hind
  • Derek Lieber
  • Kathryn McKinley
  • Mark Mergen
  • Eliot Moss
  • Ton Ngo
  • Igor Peshansky
  • Filip Pizlo
  • Feng Qian
  • Ian Rogers
  • Vivek Sarkar
  • Mauricio Serrano
  • Janice Shepherd
  • Stephen Smith
  • Peter F. Sweeney
  • Martin Trapp
  • Kris Venstermans
  • John Whaley