AGERE! '14- Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Programming based on Actors Agents & Decentralized Control

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SESSION: Full Papers

Selectors: Actors with Multiple Guarded Mailboxes

CAF - the C++ Actor Framework for Scalable and Resource-Efficient Applications

An Automatic Actors to Threads Mapping Technique for JVM-Based Actor Frameworks

Event-Based Analysis of Timed Rebeca Models using SQL

Efficient TCTL Model Checking Algorithm for Timed Actors

Savina - An Actor Benchmark Suite: Enabling Empirical Evaluation of Actor Libraries

Fault Tolerant Distributed Computing Using Asynchronous Local Checkpointing

Scaling-Up Behavioral Programming: Steps from Basic Principles to Application Architectures

Multiple Inheritance in AgentSpeak(L)-Style Programming Languages

From Actor Event-Loop to Agent Control-Loop: Impact on Programming