ARRAY'14- Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Libraries, Languages, and Compilers for Array Programming

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Exploiting Implicit Parallelism in Dynamic Array Programming Languages

NOVA: A Functional Language for Data Parallelism

Abstracting Vector Architectures in Library Generators: Case Study Convolution Filters

Just-in-time Length Specialization of Dynamic Vector Code

A Local-View Array Library for Partitioned Global Address Space C++ Programs

GPGPU Composition with OCaml

Supporting Array Programming in X10

A Composable Array Function Interface for Heterogeneous Computing in Java

Just-in-time shape inference for array-based languages

Array Operators Using Multiple Dispatch: A design methodology for array implementations in dynamic languages

Co-dfns: Ancient Language, Modern Compiler

Extract and Extend Parallelism using C/C++ Extension for Array Notation on Multicore and Many-core Platforms: An Empirical Investigation with Quantitative Finance Examples

On Predicting the Impact of Resource Redistributions in Streaming Applications transformation-based code generation for GPUs and CPUs

Bounds Checking: An Instance of Hybrid Analysis

Multi-Target C Code Generation from MATLAB

Compiling a Subset of APL Into a Typed Intermediate Language