CC 2016- Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Compiler Construction

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SESSION: Speculation

Thread-level speculation with kernel support

Reducing memory buffering overhead in software thread-level speculation

Performance implications of transient loop-carried data dependences in automatically parallelized loops

SESSION: Run-Time Techniques

Safe and flexible adaptation via alternate data structure representations

Relaxed dependence tracking for parallel runtime support

Kindergarten cop: dynamic nursery resizing for GHC

SESSION: Verified Compilation

Verified construction of static single assignment form

Mechanizing conventional SSA for a verified destruction with coalescing

Reachability and error diagnosis in LR(1) parsers

SESSION: Verification

Automatic fault location for data structures

Sparse representation of implicit flows with applications to side-channel detection

SESSION: Energy and Dynamic Checking

Multiversioned decoupled access-execute: the key to energy-efficient compilation of general-purpose programs

Heap bounds protection with low fat pointers

SESSION: Static and Dynamic Optimization

Register allocation and promotion through combined instruction scheduling and loop unrolling

On fusing recursive traversals of K-d trees

Restrictification of function arguments

SESSION: Static Analysis

Static deadlock detection for concurrent go by global session graph synthesis

Static detection of energy defect patterns in Android applications

On fast large-scale program analysis in Datalog

Improved MHP Analysis

SESSION: Data Layout and Polyhedral Techniques

Extended lattice-based memory allocation

Mapping deviation: a technique to adapt or to guard loop transformation intuitions for legality

Automatic data layout generation and kernel mapping for CPU+GPU architectures

Input space splitting for OpenCL

SESSION: Tool Demonstrations

GreenThumb: superoptimizer construction framework

Register allocation and instruction scheduling in Unison

SVF: interprocedural static value-flow analysis in LLVM

Iguana: a practical data-dependent parsing framework

SYCO: a systematic testing tool for concurrent objects