CGO '16- Proceedings of the 2016 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization

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SESSION: Profiling Feedback

Cheetah: detecting false sharing efficiently and effectively

AutoFDO: automatic feedback-directed optimization for warehouse-scale applications

Portable performance on asymmetric multicore processors

SESSION: Data Layout and Vectorization

StructSlim: a lightweight profiler to guide structure splitting

Exploiting recent SIMD architectural advances for irregular applications

Exploiting mixed SIMD parallelism by reducing data reorganization overhead


A black-box approach to energy-aware scheduling on integrated CPU-GPU systems

Portable and transparent software managed scheduling on accelerators for fair resource sharing

Communication-aware mapping of stream graphs for multi-GPU platforms

gpucc: an open-source GPGPU compiler

SESSION: Affine Programs

A basic linear algebra compiler for structured matrices

Opening polyhedral compiler's black box

Trace-based affine reconstruction of codes

SESSION: Static Analysis

Inference of peak density of indirect branches to detect ROP attacks

Sparse flow-sensitive pointer analysis for multithreaded programs

Symbolic range analysis of pointers

SESSION: Programming Models

Towards automatic significance analysis for approximate computing

Have abstraction and eat performance, too: optimized heterogeneous computing with parallel patterns

NRG-loops: adjusting power from within applications

SESSION: Correctness

Validating optimizations of concurrent C/C++ programs

IPAS: intelligent protection against silent output corruption in scientific applications

Atomicity violation checker for task parallel programs

SESSION: Binary/Virtualization

Flexible on-stack replacement in LLVM

BlackBox: lightweight security monitoring for COTS binaries

Re-constructing high-level information for language-specific binary re-optimization