DLS '14- Proceedings of the 10th ACM Symposium on Dynamic languages

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SESSION: Keynote address

Why do we know so little about programming languages, and what would have happened if we had known more?

SESSION: Session 2

Scriptable operating systems with Lua

SESSION: Session 3

Abstracting abstract control

Contracts for domain-specific languages in Ruby

Sweeten your JavaScript: hygienic macros for ES5

Design and evaluation of gradual typing for python

SESSION: Session 4

SqueakJS: a modern and practical smalltalk that runs in any browser

ACDC-JS: explorative benchmarking of javascript memory management

Dynamic page sharing optimization for the R language

Using JavaScript and WebCL for numerical computations: a comparative study of native and web technologies

SESSION: Session 5

Dynamic detection of object capability violations through model checking

Object versioning to support recovery needs: using proxies to preserve previous development states in lively

Typed objects in JavaScript

On the use of type predicates in object-oriented software: the case of smalltalk