DLS 2015- Proceedings of the 11th Symposium on Dynamic Languages

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SESSION: Language Design

From APIs to languages: generalising method names

SESSION: Formalization, Semantics, and Static Analysis

A formalization of typed lua

Gradual certified programming in coq

Message safety in Dart

Control-flow analysis of dynamic languages via pointer analysis

SESSION: Compilation

Compiling for multi-language task migration

High-performance cross-language interoperability in a multi-language runtime

Java-to-JavaScript translation via structured control flow reconstruction of compiler IR

Language-independent storage strategies for tracing-JIT-based virtual machines

SESSION: Empirical Studies

Measuring polymorphism in python programs

Tracking down performance variation against source code evolution

Server-side type profiling for optimizing client-side JavaScript engines

An empirical investigation of the effects of type systems and code completion on API usability using TypeScript and JavaScript in MS visual studio

Access control to reflection with object ownership