DSM '14- Proceedings of the 14th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling

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SESSION: Topics in Model Transformation

A Closed-loop Model-based Design Approach based on Automatic Verification and Transformation

Generating Code Using Reflection in the Context of Computer-Assisted Legacy System Analyses and Reengineering

Towards Efficient and Scalabale Omniscient Debugging for Model Transformations

SESSION: Tools and Language Design Experiences

Development of Modelling Frameworks and Viewpoints with Kitalpha

Design of a Domain-Specific Language for Material Flow Analysis Using Microsoft DSL Tools: An Experience Paper

Mapping-Based Exchange of Models Between Meta-Modeling Tools

SESSION: Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems

Generating Model Transformations for Mending Dynamic Constraint Violations in Cyber Physical Systems

SenseDSL: Automating the Integration of Sensors for MCU-Based Robots and Cyber-Physical Systems