DSM 2015- Proceedings of the Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling

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SESSION: Language Engineering Experiences

Domain specific modelling for clinical research

CHARIOT: a domain specific language for extensible cyber-physical systems

Experience report: constraint-based modeling of autonomous vehicle trajectories

SESSION: Code Generation

Adaptable symbol table management by meta modeling and generation of symbol table infrastructures

Automating engineering with a domain-specific language and a code generator

Management of guided and unguided code generator customizations by using a symbol table

Mixed generative and handcoded development of adaptable data-centric business applications

SESSION: Language Evolution and Reuse

Reusing legacy DSLs with Melange

Supporting users to manage breaking and unresolvable changes in coupled evolution

SESSION: Language Engineering Perspectives

Towards improving software security using language engineering and mbeddr C

Extensible visual constraint language

Systematic evaluation of three data marshalling approaches for distributed software systems