Erlang '14- Proceedings of the Thirteenth ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Erlang

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SESSION: Keynote

Functional programming and the "megacore" era

SESSION: Concurrency and paralelism

More scalable ordered set for ETS using adaptation

Discovering parallel pattern candidates in Erlang

SESSION: Testing

On shrinking randomly generated load tests

Jsongen: a quickcheck based library for testing JSON web services

SESSION: Distribution

Investigating the scalability limits of distributed Erlang

Derflow: distributed deterministic dataflow programming for erlang

SESSION: Runtime

BEAMJIT: a just-in-time compiling runtime for Erlang

POSTER SESSION: Poster session

Synapse: automatic behaviour inference and implementation comparison for Erlang

Faulterl: precise fault injection for the erlang VM, NIFs and linked-in drivers