FHPC '14- Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Functional high-performance computing

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SESSION: Keynote address

Ziria: wireless programming for hardware dummies

SESSION: Applications

Pension reserve computations on GPUs

Parallel computation of multifield topology: experience of Haskell in a computational science application

SESSION: Implementation techniques

An efficient representation for lazy constructors using 64-bit pointers

Size slicing: a hybrid approach to size inference in futhark

SESSION: Optimizing compilation

Defunctionalizing push arrays

Fusing filters with integer linear programming

SESSION: Programming patterns

Lazy data-oriented evaluation strategies

Group communication patterns for high performance computing in scala

SESSION: Compilation for heterogeneous systems

Native offload of Haskell repa programs to integrated GPUs

LambdaJIT: a dynamic compiler for heterogeneous optimizations of STL algorithms