GPCE 2014- Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences

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SESSION: Specialization and Modularity

Specializing planners for hierarchical multi-way dataflow constraint systems

Code specialization for memory efficient hash tries (short paper)

Emergent gummy modules: modular representation of emergent behavior

Extensible language implementation with object algebras (short paper)

SESSION: Variation and Product Lines

Projectional editing of variational software

Automatic feature selection in large-scale system-software product lines

Efficient testing of software product lines via centralization (short paper)


A transformational approach to data visualization

LibDSL: a library for developing embedded domain specific languages in d via template metaprogramming

Yin-yang: concealing the deep embedding of DSLs

SESSION: Specialization and Cross-Cutting

Automatic locality-friendly interface extension of numerical functions

Optimization by runtime specialization for sparse matrix-vector multiplication

Specialization through dynamic staging

SESSION: Language Tools

Compiling a reflective language using MetaOCaml

A domain-specific language for building self-optimizing AST interpreters

Pin++: an object-oriented framework for writing pintools