GPCE 2015- Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

The next-generation in-stadium experience (keynote)

Shallow embedding of DSLs via online partial evaluation

Almost first-class language embedding: taming staged embedded DSLs

Generating safe boundary APIs between typed EDSLs and their environments

An empirical study on configuration-related issues: investigating undeclared and unused identifiers

Analysing the Kconfig semantics and its analysis tools

Migrating large object-oriented Applications into component-based ones: instantiation and inheritance transformation

Safer SDN programming through Arbiter

Contract-based general-purpose GPU programming

Inverse macro in Scala

Towards tool support for spreadsheet-based domain-specific languages

Native-2-native: automated cross-platform code synthesis from web-based programming resources

CLOP: a multi-stage compiler to seamlessly embed heterogeneous code

Composing code generators for C&C ADLs with Application-specific behavior languages (tool demonstration)

Orchestrating masses of sensors: a design-driven development Approach

Generating reactive programs for graphical user interfaces from multi-way dataflow constraint systems

POP-PL: a patient-oriented prescription programming language

Lightweight, generative variant exploration for high-performance graphics Applications

Generative software product line development using variability-aware design patterns

Addressing metamodel revisions in model-based software product lines

Modular interpreters for the masses: implicit context propagation using object algebras

Model querying with query models