GPCE 2017- Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences

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SESSION: Keynote

The landscape of refactoring research in the last decade (keynote)

SESSION: Staging

Refining semantics for multi-stage programming

Staging for generic programming in space and time

Staging with control: type-safe multi-stage programming with control operators

Code staging in GNU Guix

SESSION: Variability

A classification of variation control systems

Analyzing the impact of natural language processing over feature location in models

How preprocessor annotations (do not) affect maintainability: a case study on change-proneness


Type qualifiers as composable language extensions

Accurate reification of complete supertype information for dynamic analysis on the JVM

Rewriting for sound and complete union, intersection and negation types

SESSION: Performance

Quoted staged rewriting: a practical approach to library-defined optimizations

Reducing calling convention overhead in object-oriented programming on embedded ARM thumb-2 platforms

RaTrace: simple and efficient abstractions for BVH ray traversal algorithms

Towards compositional and generative tensor optimizations

SESSION: Analysis and Testing

Four languages and lots of macros: analyzing autotools build systems

Avoiding useless mutants

Silverchain: a fluent API generator

Parser generation by example for legacy pattern languages


A Haskell compiler for signal transforms

Automatic generation of virtual learning spaces driven by CaVa<sup>DSL</sup>: an experience report

Rewriting a shallow DSL using a GHC compiler extension