Haskell '15- Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Haskell

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SESSION: Type Checking

Improving Haskell types with SMT

A typechecker plugin for units of measure: domain-specific constraint solving in GHC Haskell

SESSION: Verification

Reasoning with the HERMIT: tool support for equational reasoning on GHC core programs

Formally proving a compiler transformation safe

SESSION: Graphics and Distribution

Bridging the GUI gap with reactive values and relations

The remote monad design pattern

SESSION: Generics

Variations on variants

Modular reifiable matching: a list-of-functors approach to two-level types

SESSION: Monads and Comonads

Freer monads, more extensible effects

Functional pearl: getting a quick fix on comonads

SESSION: Type Classes

Injective type families for Haskell

Type families with class, type classes with family

SESSION: Concurrency and Parallelism

Déjà Fu: a concurrency testing library for Haskell

Improving implicit parallelism

SESSION: Probabilistic and Linear Programming

Practical probabilistic programming with monads

Embedding a full linear Lambda calculus in Haskell

SESSION: Code Generation

Guilt free ivory

Type-safe runtime code generation: accelerate to LLVM