Haskell 2016- Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Haskell

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SESSION: Testing

FitSpec: refining property sets for functional testing

QuickFuzz: an automatic random fuzzer for common file formats


Causal commutative arrows revisited

Functional reactive programming, refactored

SESSION: Functors

Free delivery (functional pearl)

How to twist pointers without breaking them

SESSION: Web Technology

High-performance client-side web applications through Haskell EDSLs

Experience report: developing high performance HTTP/2 server in Haskell

SESSION: Language Features

Pattern synonyms

Desugaring Haskell's do-notation into applicative operations

SESSION: Strictness and STM

Revisiting software transactional memory in Haskell

Autobahn: using genetic algorithms to infer strictness annotations


Experience report: types for a relational algebra library

Embedding session types in Haskell


The Key monad: type-safe unconstrained dynamic typing

Supermonads: one notion to bind them all

SESSION: Abstractions that Scale

Non-recursive make considered harmful: build systems at scale

Lazy graph processing in Haskell