Haskell 2017- Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Haskell

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SESSION: Session 1

Ornaments: exploiting parametricity for safer, more automated code refactorization and code reuse (invited talk)

Algebraic graphs with class (functional pearl)

Packrats parse in packs

Ode on a random urn (functional pearl)

SESSION: Session 2

QuickSpec: a lightweight theory exploration tool for programmers (system demonstration)

Speculate: discovering conditional equations and inequalities about black-box functions by reasoning from test results

Using Coq to write fast and correct Haskell

A tale of two provers: verifying monoidal string matching in liquid Haskell and Coq

A meta-EDSL for distributed web applications

Composable network stacks and remote monads

SESSION: Session 3

Algorithmic music in Haskell (invited talk)

Well-typed music does not sound wrong (experience report)

Back to the future: time travel in FRP

The linearity Monad

SESSION: Session 4

Elaboration on functional dependencies: functional dependencies are dead, long live functional dependencies!

Quantified class constraints

Hardware software co-design in Haskell

Streaming irregular arrays

Improving STM performance with transactional structs

Adaptive lock-free data structures in Haskell: a general method for concurrent implementation swapping