ISMM '14- Proceedings of the 2014 international symposium on Memory management

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SESSION: Keynote address I

Use of the JVM at twitter: a bird's eye view

SESSION: Software

M3: high-performance memory management from off-the-shelf components

Allocation folding based on dominance

Push-pull constraint graph for efficient points-to analysis

Sticky tries: fast insertions, fast lookups, no deletions for large key universes

SESSION: Concurrency

Concurrent, parallel garbage collection in linear time

Reference object processing in on-the-fly garbage collection

Modeling heap data growth using average liveness

SESSION: Hardware

JDMM: a java memory model for non-cache-coherent memory architectures

Massive atomics for massive parallelism on GPUs

Exploring garbage collection with haswell hardware transactional memory

Parallel real-time garbage collection of multiple heaps in reconfigurable hardware