ISMM 2016- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management

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SESSION: Concurrent Memory Management

Block-free concurrent GC: stack scanning and copying

Characterizing emerging heterogeneous memory

Hardware support for protective and collaborative cache sharing

Fast non-intrusive memory reclamation for highly-concurrent data structures

SESSION: Non-traditional and Datacenter Scale Memory System

Understanding and improving JVM GC work stealing at the data center scale

Persistence programming models for non-volatile memory

CBufs: efficient, system-wide memory management and sharing

A bounded memory allocator for software-defined global address spaces

SESSION: Modeling, Characterization, and Tools

Rust as a language for high performance GC implementation

Prescient memory: exposing weak memory model behavior by looking into the future

Rethinking a heap hierarchy as a cache hierarchy: a higher-order theory of memory demand (HOTM)

Liveness-based garbage collection for lazy languages