ISMM 2017- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management

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SESSION: Keynote

Bridging the gap between memory performance and massive parallelism: the critical role of programming systems innovations (keynote)

SESSION: Garbage Collection

NG2C: pretenuring garbage collection with dynamic generations for HotSpot big data applications

Type-assisted automatic garbage collection for lock-free data structures

SESSION: Clever Data Tricks

A marshalled data format for pointers in relocatable data blocks

Flexible and efficient memory object metadata

Shadow state encoding for efficient monitoring of block-level properties

SESSION: Hybrid Memory Systems

Analyzing memory management methods on integrated CPU-GPU systems

Continuous checkpointing of HTM transactions in NVM

RTHMS: a tool for data placement on hybrid memory system

SESSION: A Deeper Look

"What's in a name?" going beyond allocation site names in heap analysis

A refinement hierarchy for free list memory allocators

Avoiding consistency exceptions under strong memory models