LCTES '14- Proceedings of the 2014 SIGPLAN/SIGBED conference on Languages, compilers and tools for embedded systems

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SESSION: Keynote address 1

Energy efficient data access techniques

SESSION: Code generation and optimization

Efficient code generation in a region-based dynamic binary translator

CASM: optimized compilation of abstract state machines

Combinatorial spill code optimization and ultimate coalescing

SESSION: Worst case timing analysis

Cache-related preemption delay analysis for FIFO caches

How to compute worst-case execution time by optimization modulo theory and a clever encoding of program semantics

WCET: aware dynamic instruction cache locking

SESSION: Search space exploration

Exploration of compiler optimization sequences using clustering-based selection

Partitioning data-parallel programs for heterogeneous MPSoCs: time and energy design space exploration

SESSION: Keynote address 2

Energy efficient data access and storage through HW/SW co-design

SESSION: Static analysis and optimization

Exploiting function similarity for code size reduction

ASAC: automatic sensitivity analysis for approximate computing

em-SPADE: a compiler extension for checking rules extracted from processor specifications

SESSION: Many-core, GPU, and VLIW

VOBLA: a vehicle for optimized basic linear algebra

A framework to schedule parametric dataflow applications on many-core platforms

Improving performance of loops on DIAM-based VLIW architectures

SESSION: Memory optimization and mmanagement

Superoptimization of memory subsystems

Lightweight and block-level concurrent sweeping for javascript garbage collection