MobileDeLi 2015- Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Mobile Development Lifecycle

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Mobile device security

A lightweight JavaScript engine for mobile devices

An energy-saving framework for mobile devices based on crowdsourcing intelligences

Improving the Android development lifecycle with the VALERA record-and-replay approach

Challenges in transition from web to app

Mobile devices as interfaces for steering cloud-based high-performance computations

An evaluation framework for selection of mobile app development platform

Assessing the benefits of computational offloading in mobile-cloud applications

Implementing real-time collaboration in TouchDevelop using AST merges

Enforcing fine-grained security and privacy policies in an ecosystem within an ecosystem

Automatic detection, correction, and visualization of security vulnerabilities in mobile apps

Automatic code generation for cross-platform, multi-device mobile apps: some reflections from an industrial experience

An interactive approach to mobile app verification

Program analysis for mobile: how and why to run WALA on your phone

Gaps and future directions in mobile security research

Mobile security: challenges, tools, and techniques (panel)

Mobile computing to support sustainability