OOPSLA '14- Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages & Applications

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SESSION: Program analysis and the web

Checking correctness of TypeScript interfaces for JavaScript libraries

Determinacy in static analysis for jQuery

EventBreak: analyzing the responsiveness of user interfaces through performance-guided test generation

Using web corpus statistics for program analysis

SESSION: Runtime systems

Tardis: affordable time-travel debugging in managed runtimes

Phosphor: illuminating dynamic data flow in commodity jvms

Rubah: DSU for Java on a stock JVM

Fast conservative garbage collection

SESSION: Domain specific languages

Region-based memory management for GPU programming languages: enabling rich data structures on a spartan host

Smten with satisfiability-based search

StreamJIT: a commensal compiler for high-performance stream programming

SurveyMan: programming and automatically debugging surveys

SESSION: Type systems

Rate types for stream programs

Foundations of path-dependent types

Confined gradual typing

Refactoring Java generics by inferring wildcards, in practice

SESSION: Energy and performance

Continuously measuring critical section pressure with the free-lunch profiler

Chisel: reliability- and accuracy-aware optimization of approximate computational kernels

An experimental survey of energy management across the stack

Understanding energy behaviors of thread management constructs

SESSION: Languages

Distributed REScala: an update algorithm for distributed reactive programming

From object algebras to attribute grammars

Late data layout: unifying data representation transformations

i3QL: language-integrated live data views

SESSION: Concurrency

Atlas: leveraging locks for non-volatile memory consistency

Fast splittable pseudorandom number generators

Multithreaded test synthesis for deadlock detection

Symbolic execution of multithreaded programs from arbitrary program contexts

SESSION: Debugging

CheckCell: data debugging for spreadsheets

Finding minimum type error sources

Flint: fixing linearizability violations

Statistical debugging for real-world performance problems

SESSION: Compilation tools

Adaptive LL(*) parsing: the power of dynamic analysis

Automated migration of build scripts using dynamic analysis and search-based refactoring

MIX10: compiling MATLAB to X10 for high performance

Staged parser combinators for efficient data processing

SESSION: Specification and verification

Bounded exhaustive test input generation from hybrid invariants

Compiler verification meets cross-language linking via data abstraction

GPS: navigating weak memory with ghosts, protocols, and separation

Natural proofs for asynchronous programs using almost-synchronous reductions

SESSION: Dynamic optimization

Accelerating iterators in optimizing AST interpreters

Call sequence prediction through probabilistic calling automata

Space-efficient multi-versioning for input-adaptive feedback-driven program optimizations

The hiphop virtual machine

SESSION: Static analysis

Validation of memory accesses through symbolic analyses

Abstract semantic differencing via speculative correlation

Efficient subcubic alias analysis for C

Static analysis for independent app developers

SESSION: Distributed computing

ASPIRE: exploiting asynchronous parallelism in iterative algorithms using a relaxed consistency based DSM

Alembic: automatic locality extraction via migration

Cybertron: pushing the limit on I/O reduction in data-parallel programs

Translating imperative code to MapReduce