PEPM '14- Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2014 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation

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SESSION: Keynote address

Lessons from a web-based IDE and runtime

SESSION: Session 2

Combinators for impure yet hygienic code generation

Effective quotation: relating approaches to language-integrated query

Compile-time reflection and metaprogramming for Java

SESSION: Session 3

Monadic combinators for "Putback" style bidirectional programming

Semantic bidirectionalization revisited

Generating attribute grammar-based bidirectional transformations from rewrite rules

SESSION: Session 4

Optimizing SYB is easy!

QEMU/CPC: static analysis and CPS conversion for safe, portable, and efficient coroutines

SESSION: Keynote address

Partial evaluation as universal compiler tool: experiences from the SAC Eco system

SESSION: Session 6

The HERMIT in the stream: fusing stream fusion's concatMap

Type-changing rewriting and semantics-preserving transformation

An operational semantics for android activities

SESSION: Session 7

Early detection of type errors in C++ templates

Lazy stateless incremental evaluation machinery for attribute grammars

Deriving interpretations of the gradually-typed lambda calculus

SESSION: Session 8

Automating property-based testing of evolving web services

A modular and generic analysis server system for functional logic programs

HIPimm: verifying granular immutability guarantees