PLATEAU '14- Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools

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SESSION: Research Papers

Asking and Answering Questions during a Programming Change Task in Pharo Language

EUKLAS: Supporting Copy-and-Paste Strategies for Integrating Example Code

Empirical Comparison of Visual to Hybrid Formula Manipulation in Educational Programming Languages for Teenagers

Usability and Suitability Survey of Features in Visual Ides for Non-Programmers

SESSION: Research Papers

How Developers Use Data Race Detection Tools

Research.js: Evaluating Research Tool Usability on the Web

Supporting Social Interactions and Awareness in Educational Programming Environments

SESSION: Research Papers and Group Activity

Wyvern: Impacting Software Security via Programming Language Design

Considering Productivity Effects of Explicit Type Declarations

Usability Hypotheses in the Design of Plaid