PMAM '15- Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores

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Energy efficiency and performance frontiers for sparse computations on GPU supercomputers

Energy-efficient computing for HPC workloads on heterogeneous manycore chips

A performance study of Java garbage collectors on multicore architectures

Toward an evolutionary task parallel integrated MPI + X programming model

Design and evaluation of a novel dataflow based bigdata solution

Programming support for reconfigurable custom vector architectures

Thread-level parallelization and optimization of NWChem for the Intel MIC architecture

Parallelism vs. speculation: exploiting speculative genetic algorithm on GPU

GPU technology applied to reverse time migration and seismic modeling via OpenACC

Parallelizing a discrete event simulation application using the Habanero-Java multicore library

RaftLib: a C++ template library for high performance stream parallel processing

A Java util concurrent park contention tool

Debugging parallel programs using fork handlers

Effective communication for a system of cluster-on-a-chip processors

Exploiting communication concurrency on high performance computing systems

Patty: a pattern-based parallelization tool for the multicore age

Deadlock-free buffer configuration for stream computing

Supporting multiple accelerators in high-level programming models