SCALA 2016- Proceedings of the 2016 7th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Scala

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library


A Scala library for testing student assignments on concurrent programming

Reactive Async: expressive deterministic concurrency

RandIR: differential testing for embedded compilers

SMT-based checking of predicate-qualified types for Scala

Reflections on LMS: exploring front-end alternatives

Implementing higher-kinded types in Dotty

A generic algorithm for checking exhaustivity of pattern matching (short paper)

A scalable infrastructure for teaching concepts of programming languages in Scala with WebLab: an experience report

SecureScala: Scala embedding of secure computations

Semantics-driven interoperability between Scala.js and JavaScript

Scaps: type-directed API search for Scala

SESSION: Tool Demonstrations

Building a modular static analysis framework in Scala (tool paper)

The sbt-rats parser generator plugin for Scala (tool paper)