SCALA 2017- Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Scala

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SESSION: Keynotes

Spark and Scala (keynote)


Towards algorithmic typing for DOT (short paper)

The limitations of type classes as subtyped implicits (short paper)

Rust-like borrowing with 2nd-class values (short paper)

A Scala framework for supercompilation

Making collection operations optimal with aggressive JIT compilation

Interactive development using the Dotty compiler (tool paper)

Typesafe abstractions for tensor operations (short paper)

ScalaSMT: satisfiability modulo theory in Scala (tool paper)

Squid: type-safe, hygienic, and reusable quasiquotes

Effekt: extensible algebraic effects in Scala (short paper)

Kompics Scala: narrowing the gap between algorithmic specification and executable code (short paper)