SLE 2015- Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering

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SESSION: Language Development and Evaluation

On integrating graphical and textual editors for a UML profile based domain specific language: an industrial experience

An empirical study on simplification of business process modeling languages

Melange: a meta-language for modular and reusable development of DSLs

SESSION: Model and Program Transformation

Distributed model-to-model transformation with ATL on MapReduce

Managing uncertainty in bidirectional model transformations

Modular capture avoidance for program transformations

SESSION: Tools 1

XMLText: from XML schema to xtext

Designing languages using lightning

Analysis and transformation with the nuthatch tree-walking library

SESSION: Fomal Modeling and Language Validation

Reference attribute grammar controlled graph rewriting: motivation and overview

Example-based validation of domain-specific visual languages

A combined formal model for relational context-dependent roles

SESSION: Model Execution and Verification

Weaving concurrency in executable domain-specific modeling languages

Supporting efficient and advanced omniscient debugging for xDSMLs

Using decision rules for solving conflicts in extended feature models

SESSION: Tools 2

The whiley rewrite language (WyRL)

Parsing expression grammars made practical