SLE 2016- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering

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SESSION: Keynote

Redex: a language for lightweight semantics engineering (keynote)

SESSION: Grammars and Parsing

Parsing and reflective printing, bidirectionally

Taming context-sensitive languages with principled stateful parsing

Efficient development of consistent projectional editors using grammar cells

MetaEdit+ for collaborative language engineering and language use (tool demo)

SESSION: Runtime Techniques

Experiences of models@run-time with EMF and CDO

Runtime support for rule-based access-control evaluation through model-transformation

Object-oriented design pattern for DSL program monitoring

Execution framework of the GEMOC studio (tool demo)

SESSION: Domain-Specific Languages

Language design and implementation for the domain of coding conventions

BSML-mbeddr: integrating semantically configurable state-machine models in a C programming environment

Adding uncertainty and units to quantity types in software models

FRaMED: full-fledge role modeling editor (tool demo)

SESSION: Development Environments

Towards a universal code formatter through machine learning

The IDE portability problem and its solution in Monto

Principled syntactic code completion using placeholders

DrAST: an inspection tool for attributed syntax trees (tool demo)

SESSION: Language Validation

Automated testing support for reactive domain-specific modelling languages

Side effects take the blame

Symbolic execution of high-level transformations

Raincode assembler compiler (tool demo)

SESSION: Model Transformation

Efficient model partitioning for distributed model transformations

Coupled software transformations revisited

Xdiagram: a declarative textual DSL for describing diagram editors (tool demo)