SLE 2017- Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering

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SESSION: Keynotes

Engineering meta-languages for specifying software languages (keynote)

SESSION: Parsing

Type-safe modular parsing

Incremental packrat parsing

A symbol-based extension of parsing expression grammars and context-sensitive packrat parsing

Red Shift: procedural shift-reduce parsing (vision paper)

SESSION: Textual Models

Towards a taxonomy of grammar smells

Deep priority conflicts in the wild: a pilot study

Virtual textual model composition for supporting versioning and aspect-orientation

Robust projectional editing


Debugging with domain-specific events via macros

A chrestomathy of DSL implementations

A requirements engineering approach for usability-driven DSL development

Better call the crowd: using crowdsourcing to shape the notation of domain-specific languages

SESSION: Grammars

A formalisation of parameterised reference attribute grammars

Concurrent circular reference attribute grammars

Ensuring non-interference of composable language extensions

A domain-specific controlled English language for automated regulatory compliance (industrial paper)

SESSION: Meta-modelling

Concrete syntax: a multi-paradigm modelling approach

Structural model subtyping with OCL constraints

Comparison of the expressiveness and performance of template-based code generation tools

A development environment for the Alf language within the MagicDraw UML tool (tool demo)

SESSION: GPL/DSL Implementation

FlowSpec: declarative dataflow analysis specification

Metacasanova: an optimized meta-compiler for domain-specific languages

Robust programs with filtered iterators

Energy efficiency across programming languages: how do energy, time, and memory relate?