SPLASH Companion 2015- Companion Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity

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SESSION: Keynotes

Tomorrow's network operators will be programmers (keynote)

How Dart learned from past object-oriented systems (keynote)

Modern software is all about data. development environments should be, too. (keynote)

SESSION: Demonstrations

Consensus-based mining of API preconditions in big code

Custom full-coverage dynamic program analysis for Android

Heterogeneous device hopping: bridging the mobile cross-platform gap via a declarative query language

Making live programming practical by bridging the gap between trial-and-error development and unit testing

Demonstrating programming language feature mining using Boa

GTInspector: a moldable domain-aware object inspector

Fraglight: shedding light on broken pointcuts in evolving aspect-oriented software

Ultra lightweight JavaScript engine for internet of things

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Trace register allocation

Trace oblivious computation

Privacy and security constraints for code contributions

Panini: a concurrent programming model with modular reasoning

The spreadsheet paradigm: a basis for powerful and accessible programming

SESSION: Posters

Shiranui: a live programming with support for unit testing

Exploiting parallelism in mobile devices

ModeSens: an approach for multi-modal mobile sensing

Towards transitory encapsulation

Statik: an incremental compiler generator

Toward incremental type checking for Java

Pyrlang: a high performance Erlang virtual machine based on RPython

Conf.Researchr.Org: towards a domain-specific content management system for managing large conference websites

Evaluating work distribution patterns for parallel bitmap compression over SMPs

Spotter: towards a unified search interface in IDEs

Toward a Java based infrastructure for unmanned aerial vehicles

Porting the NetBeans Java 8 enhanced for loop lambda expression refactoring to eclipse


Software Professionalism - Is it 'Good Enough?'

The Future of Programming Languages and Programmers

SESSION: Student Research Competition

Efficient support for strong semantics in transactional and non-transactional programs

Automatic array property detection via static analysis

KinEdit: a tool to help developers refactor manually

Finding bugs in spreadsheets using reference counting

Viser: providing serializability in hardware with simplified cache coherence

Concurrency control for multithreaded reactive programming

Gradual mode types for energy-aware programming

Race-driven UI-level test generation for JavaScript-based web applications

Contributions of the under-appreciated: gender bias in an open-source ecology

Safely evolving configurable systems

SIRe: an efficient snapshot isolation-based memory model for detecting and tolerating region conflicts

The Oprop verification tool: object propositions in action

SESSION: Workshop Previews

Workshop preview of the 2015 eclipse technology exchange workshop (ETX 2015)

Workshop preview of the 3rd international workshop on mobile development lifecycle (MobileDeLi 2015)

Workshop Preview of the 2nd International Workshop on Software for Parallel Systems (SEPS 2015)

Workshop preview of the 13th international workshop on dynamic analysis (WODA 2015)

Workshop preview of the 2015 workshop on programming based on actors, agents, and decentralized control (AGERE! 2015)

Workshop preview of the 15th workshop on domain specific modeling (DSM 2015)

Workshop preview of the 3rd international workshop on programming for mobile and touch (PROMOTO 2015)

Workshop preview of the 2015 workshop on new object-oriented languages (NOOL 2015)

Workshop preview of the 3rd workshop on parsing programming languages (Parsing@SLE 2015)

Workshop preview of the 2015 workshop on reactive and event-based languages & systems (REBLS 2015)

Workshop preview of the 2015 workshop on smart software strategies: 15 years after Y2K - everything old is new again (SMART 2015)

SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Workshop Summary of the 3rd International Workshop on Programming for Mobile and Touch (PROMOTO 2015)

Workshop Summary of the 2015 Workshop on Smart Software Strategies: 15 Years after Y2K Everything Old Is New Again (SMART 2015)