SPLASH Companion 2016- Companion Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity

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SESSION: Keynotes

The science of deep specification (keynote)

A human view of programming languages (keynote)

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

Dedicated support for analyses and optimizations in language workbenches

Integrating concerns with development environments

Language support for verifiable SDNs

VeriTaS: verification of type system specifications: mechanizing domain knowledge about progress and preservation proofs

Scaling testing of refactoring engines

Multitier reactive abstractions

Spray: programming with a persistent distributed heap

Towards practical release-level dynamic software updating on stock Java: evaluating an efficient and safely programmable Java dynamic updating system

SESSION: Posters

Introducing lightweight reactive values to Java

Specifying CSS layout with reference attribute grammars

Reconsidering reliability in distributed actor systems

Supporting resource bounded multitenancy in Akka

A web application is a domain-specific language

A sampling-based approach to accelerating queries in log management systems

sk_p: a neural program corrector for MOOCs

libDSU: towards hot-swapping dynamically linked libraries on stock Linux

Removing stagnation from modern code review

SESSION: Student Research Competition

Design pattern builder: a concept for refinable reusable design pattern libraries

End-user software engineering of cognitive robot applications using procedural parameters and complex event processing

A compiler for linear algebra operations

An approach to compile configurable systems with #ifdefs based on impact analysis

Flexible initialization of immutable objects

Finding concurrency bugs using graph-based anomaly detection in big code

Reducing procedure call bloat in ARM binaries

PixelDust: supporting dynamic area of interest tagging in programming studies with eye tracking

Improving live debugging of concurrent threads

xWIDL: modular and deep JavaScript API misuses checking based on extended WebIDL

Towards object-aware development tools

Deducing classes: integrating the domain models of object-oriented applications

Energy profiling with Alpaca

Scrambler: dynamic layout adaptation