VEE '14- Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS international conference on Virtual execution environments

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SESSION: Keynote #1

Experiences in the land of virtual abstractions

SESSION: Bridging the semantic gap

Real-time deep virtual machine introspection and its applications

Tesseract: reconciling guest I/O and hypervisor swapping in a VM

Virtual asymmetric multiprocessor for interactive performance of consolidated desktops


Ginseng: market-driven memory allocation

Mortar: filling the gaps in data center memory

CMD: classification-based memory deduplication through page access characteristics

SESSION: Runtimes

MuscalietJS: rethinking layered dynamic web runtimes

A fast abstract syntax tree interpreter for R

Deoptimization for dynamic language JITs on typed, stack-based virtual machines

SESSION: Keynote #2

The case for the three R's of systems research: repeatability, reproducibility and rigor

SESSION: Binary instrumentation

Efficient memory virtualization for Cross-ISA system mode emulation

A platform for secure static binary instrumentation

DBILL: an efficient and retargetable dynamic binary instrumentation framework using llvm backend

SESSION: Optimizations

COMMA: coordinating the migration of multi-tier applications

Friendly barriers: efficient work-stealing with return barriers

String deduplication for Java-based middleware in virtualized environments

SESSION: Reorganizing & debugging

Shrinking the hypervisor one subsystem at a time: a userspace packet switch for virtual machines

A virtualized separation kernel for mixed criticality systems

Composable multi-level debugging with Stackdb