VEE '15- Proceedings of the 11th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments

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SESSION: Improving and Exploiting I/O Virtualization

A Comprehensive Implementation and Evaluation of Direct Interrupt Delivery

A Hybrid I/O Virtualization Framework for RDMA-capable Network Interfaces

Supporting High Performance Molecular Dynamics in Virtualized Clusters using IOMMU, SR-IOV, and GPUDirect

SESSION: Address Space Management

Proactively Breaking Large Pages to Improve Memory Overcommitment Performance in VMware ESXi

HSPT: Practical Implementation and Efficient Management of Embedded Shadow Page Tables for Cross-ISA System Virtual Machines

GPUswap: Enabling Oversubscription of GPU Memory through Transparent Swapping

SESSION: Managing Virtual Clusters

HeteroVisor: Exploiting Resource Heterogeneity to Enhance the Elasticity of Cloud Platforms

A-DRM: Architecture-aware Distributed Resource Management of Virtualized Clusters

Towards VM Consolidation Using a Hierarchy of Idle States

SESSION: VM Testing and Introspection

Application of Domain-aware Binary Fuzzing to Aid Android Virtual Machine Testing

Exploring VM Introspection: Techniques and Trade-offs

PEMU: A Pin Highly Compatible Out-of-VM Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Framework

SESSION: User-facing Applications

Improving Remote Desktopping Through Adaptive Record/Replay

Migration of Web Applications with Seamless Execution

SESSION: Security and Reliability

AppSec: A Safe Execution Environment for Security Sensitive Applications

Hardware-Assisted Secure Resource Accounting under a Vulnerable Hypervisor

PARS: A Page-Aware Replication System for Efficiently Storing Virtual Machine Snapshots