VEE '17- Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments

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SESSION: Ephemeral

Swift Birth and Quick Death: Enabling Fast Parallel Guest Boot and Destruction in the Xen Hypervisor

Unikernels Everywhere: The Case for Elastic CDNs

MigVisor: Accurate Prediction of VM Live Migration Behavior using a Working-Set Pattern Model


Catalyst: GPU-assisted rapid memory deduplication in virtualization environments

Just-In-Time GPU Compilation for Interpreted Languages with Partial Evaluation

Heterogeneous Managed Runtime Systems: A Computer Vision Case Study

SESSION: Introspection

Dancing with Wolves: Towards Practical Event-driven VMM Monitoring

Safe Inspection of Live Virtual Machines

Improving Virtualized Storage Performance with Sky

SESSION: Security

Security Analysis of Encrypted Virtual Machines

ReRanz: A Light-Weight Virtual Machine to Mitigate Memory Disclosure Attacks

Using OS Design Patterns to Provide Reliability and Security as-a-Service for VM-based Clouds


One Process to Reap Them All: Garbage Collection as-a-Service

Designing Locality and NUMA Aware MPI Runtime for Nested Virtualization based HPC Cloud with SR-IOV Enabled InfiniBand

Flexible Page-level Memory Access Monitoring Based on Virtualization Hardware

SESSION: Performance

Content Look-Aside Buffer for Redundancy-Free Virtual Disk I/O and Caching

HyperMAMBO-X64: Using Virtualization to Support High-Performance Transparent Binary Translation

HA-VMSI: A Lightweight Virtual Machine Isolation Approach with Commodity Hardware for ARM