WOSC '14- Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Optimizing Stencil Computations

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SESSION: Session 1: Paper Talks

Improving Parallelism of Recursive Stencil Computations without Sacrificing Cache Performance

Converting Stencils to Accumulations Forcommunication-Avoiding Optimizationin Geometric Multigrid

StenSAL: A Single Assignment Language for Relentlessly Executing Explicit Stencil Algorithms

Trace-Driven Memory Access Pattern Recognition in Computational Kernels

An Extensible Framework for Composing Stencils with Common Scientific Computing Patterns

HLSF: A High-Level; C++-Based Framework for Stencil Computations on Accelerators

Nanoblock Unroll: Towards the Automatic Generation of Stencil Codes with the Optimal Performance

SESSION: Session 2: Invited Talks

Stencils in Scientific Computations