Author Information for SIGPLAN Conferences

SIGPLAN Proceedings Format

The SIGPLAN Proceedings Format page summarizes the formatting guidelines for ACM SIGPLAN Proceedings. The goal is to ensure that proceedings have a consistent, high-quality appearance.

Conference paper templates

LaTeX class file and template

SIGPLAN commissioned the construction of a LaTeX class file for SIGPLAN conference papers. You will need the class file, the document template, and the author guide. The template produces your paper in 9-point type, but contains simple options that you can use to obtain 10- and 11-point type. Your conference will specify which size is required; 9-point is the usual choice.

Please include the preprint option on the \documentclass command until you submit your paper for publication. The page numbers it produces are of great help to reviewers. The document template includes the preprint option.

Please address questions and problems with the class file to the SIGPLAN Information Director.

The LaTeX Class File page archives older versions of the LaTeX class file for historical reference. Authors migrating a paper from v2.8 to v3.2 should note the following:

  • The default natbib citation style has changed to author-year; use the numbers class option to obtain numeric citation style (the previous default).
  • The command to set a Digitial Object Identifier (DOI) has changed to \copyrightdoi.
  • The commands to select a standard permission statement according to publication rights have changed; use one of \publicationrights{transferred}, \publicationrights{licensed}, or \publicationrights{author-pays}. See the author guide for more details.
  • The copyright space has been reduced from 1.2in to 1in; expect changes in figure/table placement and column and page breaks.

Word template

There is a Word template that attempts to emulate the Latex class file; many thanks to Friedrich Steimann for producing this. There is also a Word template that provides support for different point sizes (this template was commissioned by OOPSLA and is being used for OOPSLA and Splash!). Please address questions and problems with the Word template to Friedrich Steimann.
(ACM’s site contains an older Word template.)

Republication Policy

Please review SIGPLAN’s republication policy.

ACM Author Rights


If you would like some advice on how to write submissions, here are some suggestions by

Additional Support

Are you a student needing additional support to present your paper at the conference? The SIGPLAN Professional Activities Committee (PAC) can help you.