2014: The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) provides a portable, production-quality, standards-compliant, highly optimizing compiler, supporting more architectures, programming languages, and operating environments than any other comparable tool. It provides the toolchain that underpins all of the GNU/Linux distributions, popular websites, and embedded environments.

GCC provides the foundation for numerous experiments in programming language design, including the early C++ language, numerous evolutions of the C and C++ standards, parallel programming with OpenMP, and the Go programming language. GCC has been used by many research projects, leading to high-impact publications and contributions to the development trunk, including sophisticated instruction selection based on declarative machine descriptions, auto-tuning techniques, transactional memory, and polyhedral loop nest optimizations.

GCC is the product of hundreds of person-years of work over its 27 years of existence. This award recognizes the GCC developer community for the substantial impact it has had on the programming language community and the larger software industry.