Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop

The purpose of this mentoring workshop is to encourage graduate students (PhD and MSc) and senior undergraduate students to pursue careers in programming language research. This workshop will provide technical sessions on cutting-edge research in programming languages, and mentoring sessions on how to prepare for a research career. We will bring together leaders in programming language research from academia and industry to give talks on their research areas. The workshop will engage students in a process of imagining how they might contribute to our research community.

We especially encourage women and underrepresented minority students to attend PLMW.

PLMW Steering Committee Membership for 2022

  • ICFP Reps: Lindsey Kuper, Jose Calderon
  • POPL Reps: Stephanie Balzer, Robbert Krebbers
  • SPLASH Reps: Karim Ali, Lukasz Ziarek, Molly Feldman
  • PLDI Reps: Steve Chong, Tamara Rezk
  • Social media: Hila Peleg (new role 2020)
  • SIGPLAN EC Rep: Cindy Rubio Gonzalez
  • Ad hoc Members: Kathleen Fisher

  • Chair: Milind Kulkarni
  • Chair-Elect: Stephie Balzer
  • Previous Chair: Steve Zdancewic

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