ICFP '14- Proceedings of the 19th ACM SIGPLAN international conference on Functional programming

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SESSION: Keynote 1

Using formal methods to enable more secure vehicles: DARPA's HACMS program

SESSION: Domain specific languages I

Building embedded systems with embedded DSLs

Concurrent NetCore: from policies to pipelines

SESSION: Static analysis

SeLINQ: tracking information across application-database boundaries

Type-based parametric analysis of program families

SESSION: Binding structure

Romeo: a system for more flexible binding-safe programming

Maximal sharing in the Lambda calculus with letrec

SESSION: Program optimisation

Practical and effective higher-order optimizations

Worker/wrapper/makes it/faster

SESSION: Context dependence

Compositional semantics for composable continuations: from abortive to delimited control

Coeffects: a calculus of context-dependent computation

SESSION: Keynote 2

Behavioral software contracts

SESSION: Contracts & scheme

Soft contract verification

On teaching *how to design programs*: observations from a newcomer

SESSION: Tools used in anger

SML# in industry: a practical ERP system development

Lem: reusable engineering of real-world semantics

SESSION: Type systems

Safe zero-cost coercions for Haskell

Hindley-milner elaboration in applicative style: functional pearl

SESSION: Incremental computing

Settable and non-interfering signal functions for FRP: how a first-order switch is more than enough

Functional programming for dynamic and large data with self-adjusting computation

SESSION: Keynote 3

Depending on types

SESSION: Homotopy type theory

Homotopical patch theory

Pattern matching without K

SESSION: Abstract interpretation

Refinement types for Haskell

A theory of gradual effect systems

SESSION: Dependent types

How to keep your neighbours in order

A relational framework for higher-order shape analysis

SESSION: Domain specific languages II

There is no fork: an abstraction for efficient, concurrent, and concise data access

Folding domain-specific languages: deep and shallow embeddings (functional Pearl)

SESSION: Abstract machines

Krivine nets: a semantic foundation for distributed execution

Distilling abstract machines