SPLASH Companion 2017- Proceedings Companion of the 2017 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity

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SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

How to make tasks faster: revealing the complex interactions of tasks in the memory system

Combining visual and textual languages for dyslexia

Genetic improvement in code interpreters and compilers

Simulation-based code duplication for enhancing compiler optimizations

Advanced debugging techniques to identify concurrency bugs in actor-based programs

SESSION: Graduate Students

Framework support for usability evaluation of domain-specific languages

What merge tool should I use?

Understanding the interplay between task scheduling, memory and performance

Automatic testing of interactive JavaScript debuggers

Computer-assisted specification of asynchronous interfaces with non-deterministic behavior

Verifying the proxy design pattern using object propositions

SESSION: Undergraduate Students

ZenSheet studio: a spreadsheet-inspired environment for reactive computing

How to efficiently process 2<sup>100</sup> list variations

How are programming questions from women received on stack overflow? a case study of peer parity

Devirtualization in LLVM

Principles, patterns, and techniques for designing and implementing practical fluent interfaces in Java

Abstracting resource effects

SESSION: Posters

SmartJS: dynamic and self-adaptable runtime middleware for next-generation IoT systems

Incremental parametric syntax for multi-language transformation

QuixBugs: a multi-lingual program repair benchmark set based on the quixey challenge