VEE '16- Proceedings of the12th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Virtualizing the Edge of the Cloud: the New Frontier

SESSION: Technical Session: Hardware-Aware Hypervisor Design

Building a KVM-based Hypervisor for a Heterogeneous System Architecture Compliant System

Shoot4U: Using VMM Assists to Optimize TLB Operations on Preempted vCPUs

Performance Implications of Extended Page Tables on Virtualized x86 Processors

SESSION: Technical Session: VM Migration

On Selecting the Right Optimizations for Virtual Machine Migration

Urgent Virtual Machine Eviction with Enlightened Post-Copy

SRVM: Hypervisor Support for Live Migration with Passthrough SR-IOV Network Devices

SESSION: Technical Session: VM Extensions

Enabling Efficient Hypervisor-as-a-Service Clouds with Eemeral Virtualization

Abstractions for Practical Virtual Machine Replay

SESSION: Keynote Address

Next Generation Virtual Memory Management

SESSION: Technical Session: Memory Management

Exploiting FIFO Scheduler to Improve Parallel Garbage Collection Performance

Performance Analysis and Optimization of Full Garbage Collection in Memory-hungry Environments

Leveraging Managed Runtime Systems to Build, Analyze, and Optimize Memory Graphs

SESSION: Technical Session: Future OS Directions

The nom Profit-Maximizing Operating System

Enabling Hybrid Parallel Runtimes Through Kernel and Virtualization Support

PANEL SESSION: Panel Session

Sweet Spots and Limits for Virtualization