WPMVP '14- Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Programming models for SIMD/Vector processing

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Programming models (I): intrinsics and vector extensions

Boost.SIMD: generic programming for portable SIMDization

Simple, portable and fast SIMD intrinsic programming: generic simd library

Sierra: a SIMD extension for C++

SESSION: Programming models (II): SPMD-on-SIMD, vector extensions, and profiling tools

Writing scalable SIMD programs with ISPC

OpenCL framework for ARM processors with NEON support

Vector seeker: a tool for finding vector potential

SESSION: SIMD users' perspectives

High level transforms for SIMD and low-level computer vision algorithms

Comparing the performance of different x86 SIMD instruction sets for a medical imaging application on modern multi- and manycore chips

SIMDizing pairwise sums: a summation algorithm balancing accuracy with throughput

SESSION: SIMD for dynamic languages

A SIMD programming model for dart, javascript,and other dynamically typed scripting languages

Exploring the vectorization of python constructs using pythran and boost SIMD