SIGPLAN and Climate Change


Climate Committee

Air travel is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn are a significant contributor to climate change. SIGPLAN hosts a number of annual scientific meetings at various locations throughout the world. While such meetings are important for furthering important research, we would be remiss in not exploring possible mitigations. Accordingly, SIGPLAN has formed an ad hoc committee to study the climate impact of conferences and possible steps that SIGPLAN might take in response. The committee chair is Benjamin Pierce; its other members are Jens Palsberg and SIGPLAN EC members Crista Lopes and Michael Hicks. An interim report summarizes a number of ideas under consideration and some experiments currently underway, following intensive discussions within the committee and with the overall community at town hall meetings.

Anyone interested in participating in discussions about SIGPLAN and climate change is invited to join the acm-climate email discussion group.

Carbon Offsets

One recent major effort has been evaluating the idea of carbon offsets as a mechanism for reducing the conference’s net carbon impact. A report on what we have learned is available.

Carbon offsets have the potential to reduce SIGPLAN’s net carbon impact while furthering sustainability and developmental goals. They help fund projects that would not otherwise be economically feasible given start-up costs or the means of the communities they are servicing. Ideally, they address the potential trade-off between reducing carbon emissions and furthering the progress of less-developed parts of the world. They are not a long-term solution to the problem of carbon emissions from scientific conferences, but they are a useful stopgap, slowing the overall growth of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations while other fossil fuel reduction strategies are being developed. An excellent discussion of the pros and cons of carbon offsets in general and of specific project types can be found in a recent report from the Stockholm Environmental Institute.

The carbon offset vendor that SIGPLAN currently works with is CoolEffect. For example, check out their project that funds building converters from cow manure to biogas.

For those that like comparison shopping, Atmosfair is another excellent vendor. It is a non-profit originally created as part of a research project by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. Its carbon offset projects are registered through the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) standard and are either approved by or awaiting approval under the Gold Standard — these are widely recognized vetting groups.