Call for Papers, 2021 ACM SPLASH-E Symposium

SPLASH-E is a forum for educators to make connections between programming languages research and the ways we educate computer science students. We invite work that could improve or inform computer science educators, especially work that connects with introductory computer science courses, programming languages, compilers, software engineering, and other SPLASH-related topics. Educational tools, experience reports, and new curricula are all welcome. Potential topics of interest include:

- innovative curriculum, assessment or course formats
- multidisciplinary learning environments
- integration of research into teaching and training
- individual and multidisciplinary team development
- methods to involve industry as a key stakeholder in the design, delivery, or both of courses
- new modes of learning and education in the digital era
- industrial transfer of educational findings
- ethics instruction
- equity, diversity, and inclusion, in the classroom
- methodological aspects of education
- application of educational research methods in education
- online learning and its impact on educational settings and curricula

Accepted Formats
- Short papers (3-5 pages, not including references): Course experience reports: What was new, or different? What worked, or didn’t? What successes would you like to share, or pitfalls can you warn us about?
- Full papers (10 pages, not including references): Conventional papers on education research results, tools or case studies. We also invite papers on retrospective discussions over a longer-term course experiment, or larger-scale curricular design.

If your submission does not conform to one of these formats, please contact the co-chairs to discuss it. There’s a good chance we can still consider your work for SPLASH-E.